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NGR Accounting Director

It's important to research and understand the professionals we hire. The Linked In page will give you that online opportunity to reseach and understand who NGR Accounting Director Nathan Rigney is. The page lists Nathan's career and has testimodials given by clients who have used his services.

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Australian Taxation Office

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is the principal revenue collection agency of the Australian Government, the Australian Taxation Office also delivers various social and economic benefit and incentive programs.  

The role of the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is to ensure the community has confidence in the administration of Australia's taxation and superannuation systems. The taxation and superannuation systems are part of Australia's social and economic infrastructure. A major part of our administration of these systems is emphasising to the community the importance of willing and proper participation in underpinning nation building.  

The ATO website (Visit has useful information for individuals, business owners and not for profit organisations.

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Networking in The Shire

Networking has increasingly become a useful marketing tool for new and established businesses wanting to grow. But for many business owners they don't know how to network or even have that networking opportunity.

In todays business world your accountant needs to know more than just the numbers and tax advice. Businesses need an accountant that can help direct or point them into the right direction.

At NGR Accounting we can advise you about local organisations that can assist you, including:



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Xero vs MYOB

Technology has made some great advances in the way we record business transactions, ie how we do our book keeping. The good news is with cloud based software (such as Xero or MYOB) is it can make your book keeping experience a quick, easy, painless task. There are many pros and cons to Xero and MYOB, and not every book keeping package suits every business. As your accountant, we can make the decision of which software suits you best. The websites below will have more infomation on each software package.

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As my trusted Accountant, I have found Nathan to be conscientious, honest and above all professional in our business relationship. Furthermore, he is a motivated Accountant that strives to be the best at what he does. Both my wife and I have been extremely impressed by his technical and interpersonal abilities as an Accountant.
Christian Lotter - Jade Private Wealth