Taxation Management

Taxation for businesses can be complex and it’s often recommended you see an accountant. We provide services including taxation advice, lodging your BAS and helping with legal documents.

Tax Effective Accounting

As a business, you shouldn’t pay more tax than you need to. We can assist you in structuring your business to minimise the amount of tax you pay. We can also regularly review this structure and help you plan for the end of the financial year.

Lodging you BAS

We provide services to guide you through your quarterly BAS statements and ensure they are completed accurately and lodged on time.

Business Planning

Having a well thought out business plan and structure is essential to having a successful business. We can help you to establish your business goals and develop a structure, then help you achieve those goals.

What is a business structure?

The structure of your business refers to how your business is owned, controlled and funded. This refers primarily to trading entities, shareholders and trustees. We are happy to provide advice on the best structure for your business. 

Financial Legal Documents

Businesses will often need to lodge compliance documents such as ASIC annual statements. We can help you to have these documents prepared accurately and lodged on time.

Corporate & Business Valuations

When purchasing or selling a business it is important to get a valuation so you know you are getting the right price. We can perform accurate valuations and develop reports on the projected profitability of a business.

Financial Reporting

It is always important to understand exactly how much turnover and profit your business makes. We can help you to prepare your balance sheet and profit and loss statement. Importantly, we can also give you advice on how to improve these figures.

Book keeping

We can perform all or part of your book keeping and help to lodge your BAS statements. We ensure that your book keeping is accurate, up to date and easy.



Nathan as acted as my business and family Accountant and Tax Agent, and I have found his knowledge and service to be exceptional. Nathan is of good fame and character, I would and have referred him onto numerous clients, friends and family members.

Gillian Rendall - The Shire Conveyancer